Our St. Pius X school uniforms are a source of pride for our students and school. They help identify our children as members of both our prayer and school community. We expect our students to be well groomed and to follow the Uniform Guidelines below.

St. Pius X School Uniforms are available from:

Student Styles

15 Cobbee Road

Latham NY 12110




On occasion, the administration awards free dress days for the students. Most often parents are notified of those occasions prior to the free dress day. Students do not need to wear their school uniforms on those days, however, if they are scheduled for physical education, they should wear or bring sneakers so they can participate in the P.E. class.

We want our students to enjoy their free dress days, however, the proper image of our students and school must be maintained. Therefore, students must adhere to the following guidelines when dressing for a free dress day. Hats, make-up and any jewelry not designated in our uniform policy are not allowed. No strapless dresses or blouses are permitted for girls. Students may not wear tank tops. Clothes that are low cut or that allow for bare midriffs or bare backs are not permitted. Girls should wear proper length skirts and shorts. For emergency school evacuation reasons, students may not wear so-called "flip-flops."

The administration reserves the right to make judgments concerning the appropriateness of student dress on free dress days. If the determination is made that the dress is inappropriate, students may be required to wear a St. Pius X School sweatshirt or P.E. uniform for the day. If that is not practical, parents may be asked to pick up their child from school or provide proper clothing for the day.


All students should be well groomed and practice good health habits. Students may not have "out of the ordinary" hair color ie. blue, green, orange, etc. Boys hair length may not exceed the collar of their dress shirts. They may not have ponytails, braided or long "tails" of hair. No student may have designs cut into his/her hair with razors. Boys are not allowed to wear earrings at any time. Girls may wear one earring in each ear (not dangling or hoop type). Students may wear one necklace. No necklace designs, including pendants, shall be offensive to others as determined by the faculty or administration. Shirts should be tucked in at all times except on Physical Education days. Hats are not to be worn inside the school building. Students may NOT wear make-up. Students may wear the white polo-style shirt during the months of September, May and June. If boys elect to wear the uniform dress shirt, a tie must be worn. Boys do not have to wear a tie with the polo shirt.

Full uniforms for students in Grades K through 8 must be worn each day, except on the Physical Education days and special "free dress" days given to either a particular grade or to the school. During "free dress" days students must dress appropriately. Girls may not wear midriff-style or halter type shirts. Skirts may not be excessively short. Boys may not wear sleeveless shirts. When students are unable to be in a full uniform, a note of explanation is required from parents. Uniform infractions will be communicated to parents.

The uniform at St. Pius X is as follow:

Pre-K: Children attending our pre-school must wear the PE uniform, consisting of navy shorts or sweatpants, a white polo shirt or our navy blue logo t-shirt and sneakers.

*Where pants are indicated, the following description should be used: dark, navy blue straight-legged pants (preferably elastic waist for Kindergarten) from Student Uniforms or "Dockers" pants from "school uniform sections." Corduroys are not permitted. Hooded St. Pius X basketball sweatshirts may be worn to and from school, but are not considered a part of the daily school uniform.

Grades K - 4

Pants (*see description above)
Light blue shirt (long or short sleeve)
Navy sweater
Long navy tie
Dark blue or black socks
Dress shoes or loafers (black, brown or navy)

Plaid Jumper
White Blouse (long or short sleeve) or white turtleneck
Navy sweater
Navy or white knee socks or tights
Dress shoes or loafers (black, brown, or navy)
Pants (*see description above) may be worn from October 1 to March 31.

Grades 5 - 8

Pants (*see description above)
Brown or black belt
White shirt (long or short sleeve)
Navy Sweater
Long Navy tie
Dress shoes or loafers (black, brown or navy)

Plaid skirt (skirts should not be shorter than 2" above the knee)
Pants(*see description above) may be worn from October 1 to March 31
White blouse (only the top button may be unbuttoned) or a white turtleneck
Navy Sweater
Navy or white knee socks or tights
Dress shoes or loafers (Shoes must be black, brown or navy.
Platforms, clogs Dark blue or black socks and opened-toe shoes are not allowed.)
For safety reasons sandals are not allowed.


On scheduled Physical Educational days, students in Grades K-8 must wear St. Pius X P.E. uniform (navy sweat pants with St. Pius X logo, white long sleeve or short sleeve polo-style shirt or our Navy blue logo t-shirt (Bulldog shirt may be worn until June 2021); an optional navy blue non-hooded sweatshirt with St. Pius X logo worn over either shirt). If a student does not have the St. Pius X P.E. uniform, he/she may wear navy sweat pants with no designs, plain white polo-style shirt or our Navy blue logo t-shirt (Bulldog shirt may be worn until June 2021), and an optional plain navy non-hooded sweatshirt worn over either shirt. All students in grades 3rd through 8th must wear sneakers, and plain white socks. No jewelry is to be worn in 3rd through 8th grade P.E. classes, including earrings. K-2nd students may wear post earrings only. The students should not have any type of beads in their hair on P.E. days. On "free dress" days, P.E. students should still be able to participate in P.E. They should bring sneakers and girls should not wear skirts and dresses. Students may wear approved St. Pius X P.E. shorts (or navy athletic "knee length" shorts) to school on P.E. days ONLY during September, May, and June. We appreciate your support in maintaining our rules/regulations at St. Pius X.