We have found that students who organize their materials (textbooks, notes, assignments, etc.) usually do the best and have the best time at school. Plan to attend each class with planner, paper, books and writing materials necessary for you to do that day's work. Be an active participant in the class, take part in the discussions and listen to others. If you do not understand something, ask questions. Complete your assignments on time, and always give your best effort.


Scheduled in September each year is an Open House for our parents. Parents are encouraged to attend in order to meet their child's teacher (s) and to see how their child spends his or her day. In November the first report card is issued and parents are encouraged to attend a parent/teacher conference, which is scheduled in September at the school's Open House. Kindergarten students do not receive a report card the first marking period. Report Cards are issued in January, April and the last day of school in June. Progress reports, emails and phone calls are also used within the marking period to keep parents informed. This allows students who might be falling behind or having some difficulties time to correct the situation before report cards are issued. Parents are encouraged to contact the teacher if there are questions or concerns regarding their child's progress.


To qualify for High Honors, a student must achieve an average of at least 95%, with no grade lower than 90% and receive A's and/or B's in all special area subjects as well as earning a Merit certificate. For Honor Roll a student must achieve an average of at least 90% with no grade lower than 85% and receive A's and/or B's in all special subject areas as well as earning a Merit certificate. Merit awards are given to those students achieving Outstanding, Very Good and/or Satisfactory in all areas of conduct, study skills and effort.


The concept of homework will be introduced as early as kindergarten, with proper planning, communication and involvement of parents. When a student is absent from school for any reason, it is his or her responsibility to find out what assignments were missed. Students are expected to make up all missed assignments. Throughout the primary grades (K-3), assignments to be done out of school will be gradually increased in frequency and length of time required.

In order to avoid overload situations when assigning homework, teachers will be guided by the following minimums and maximums: Grade 4 and 5, 30 to 60 minutes daily; Grades 6 through 8, 60 to 120 minutes daily.

Some homework assignments will be made on a long-range basis to give students experience in scheduling their own time.

Homework is a very important part of education at St. Pius X School.

1. Provides the opportunity to extend and apply skills and knowledge learned in class.
2. Develops the habit of effectively organizing the use of time.
3. Provides an opportunity for parents to monitor schoolwork.
4. Generally assists in preparation for further learning.

Teachers expect homework to reflect the following qualities:
•Thorough effort
•Adherence to the assignment
•Accuracy in grammar, punctuation, spelling
•Neatness and orderliness of work

At the upper grade levels, students who miss two or more homework assignments within a marking period will be given an after school detention from 3:05 – 3:45 p.m. Written notification requiring a parent or guardian signature will be sent home to parents prior to the assigned detention.


While the faculty and administration attempt to minimize the need for after school detention, sometimes it becomes a necessity. Below is a typical notice which will be sent home in the event a student is assigned after school detention. This notice must be signed by the parent or guardian and returned to the teacher who assigned the detention the next school day. Please make a note of detention times. Parents or guardians are responsible for having their child picked up on time at the school when detention is over.

_____ 1. Missing or unacceptable homework
_____ 2. Improper classroom behavior
_____ 3. Repeated unpreparedness for class
_____ 4. Other

[Student's Name] will have detention from 3:05 – 3:45 p. m on [Date] in my classroom. If you have any questions or comments, you may call me at the school or respond below. Please sign this form and return it to me tomorrow.

[Teacher's Signature]
[Parent/Guardian Signature]
Comments: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Promotion from grade to grade depends upon many factors. Each case is determined individually and in consultation with the teacher (s) and administration involved. An average of 75% is required. If an average of 75% is attained with one course failure, summer school/tutoring is recommended. With two course failures, the above is required. More than two failures, even though the minimum 75% over-all average is achieved, will require a meeting between parents, teachers and the administration to discuss promotion.

An eighth grader who would not be able to graduate, even with summer school, will not be accepted back in school for retention, except in a case with extenuating circumstances as determined by the administration. If he or she must attend summer school/tutoring to meet course requirements, a diploma will be awarded upon satisfactory completion of such. In all cases, the responsibility for providing summer school or private tutoring by a competent teacher rests with the student's parent or guardian.


Once retention has been discussed, the following letter will be sent to parents or guardians for verification:

Dear Parent/Guardian:

As was discussed with your child's teacher, and after careful consideration and further discussions with the administration, it is recommended that in your child's best interest he or she be retained in grade ____ for the next school year.

In making your final decision, please consider all that was discussed at our meeting (s) about your child's progress and needs.


Please indicate your decision below concerning your child's grade placement for next year and return this letter to the principal by the end of June.

___ Yes, I/We agree to retain my child in the current grade for the next school year.

___ No, I/We do not wish to retain my child in the current grade for the coming school year. I/We fully understand that if it is recommended that my child be retained at the next grade level, that I/We must either agree with the retention recommendation, or seek another educational setting.

[Parent/Guardian Signature]