Social Emotional Well-Being

We recognize that the social emotional well-being of our students and staff during these challenging times is critically important. St. Pius X School has made available resources and referrals to address mental health, behavioral, and emotional needs of students, faculty, and staff when school reopens for in-person instructions. St. Pius X School has done this by providing our own counselling services to any of our students or staff when needed. We will additionally utilize a counselor provided by Catapult Learning.

The school addresses professional development opportunities for faculty and staff on how to talk with and support students during and after the ongoing COVID-19 public health emergency, as well as provide support for developing coping and resilience skills for students, faculty, and staff. This is addressed by:

Catapult Learning will continue to provide support to our schools in the coming school year. They provide many resources on SEL and also Racism on their webpage: