All "lost and found" items are kept in the "old" school kitchen hallway entrance adjacent to the library.


Pets are not allowed on school property or in the school building at any time unless permission has been given from the administration.


Field trips and enrichment programs will be included in the curriculum. Notices of their location, cost and times will be sent to parents several days in advance of each trip.
Parents must sign a permission form for each trip involving transportation. No student will be allowed to participate in off-campus activities without a signed official school permission slip. Telephone calls will not be accepted in lieu of permission slips. Faxed permission slips are permitted. Parents may be asked to pay an admission fee or transportation cost. If any difficulty arises because of financial reasons, contact the classroom teacher or school principal.


All parent chaperones are required to have VIRTUS Training and a background check on file with the school office.


Elementary students enjoy celebrating their birthdays with their peers. Please make any celebration arrangements with your child's classroom teacher.

Invitations for home parties may be handed out at school ONLY IF ALL OF THE STUDENTS IN THE ROOM are invited. Otherwise, home party invitations should be distributed outside of school.


Personal items which may cause disruptions in school are not allowed. The teacher can permit some of these items to be brought to school if they serve a special purpose. However, parents should understand the school cannot accept the responsibility for such items becoming broken or stolen. Whenever an item becomes a nuisance, it will be confiscated and returned to the parent of student. Trading cards, electronic games, cell phones, ipods, cameras, etc. are not to be brought to school. Such items are subject to confiscation by the administration for return to parents or guardians.