HOME/SCHOOL COMMUNICATION Every effort is made to inform parents of school events and student progress both formally and informally. Communication is of the utmost importance and an essential key to a child's success at school.


Each month parents will receive via the students or email, a copy of the newsletter along with the monthly calendar and lunch menu. The newsletter is the primary vehicle for informing parents of upcoming events, thanking various individuals for their support, and sharing information related to the growth, development, and education of our students and alumni.

On occasion, it may be necessary to inform parents of concerns regarding a child's ability to follow school rules or complete academic work. If you receive a written notice or a phone call from the teacher, please be receptive and discuss the matter with your child and the child's teacher.


Events such as Open House, Catholic Schools Week, and other school events, provide parents/guardians and teachers with an opportunity to visit briefly and informally. Whenever possible, teachers will communicate by note, email, or telephone to discuss your child's progress and/or answer any questions parents may have. Parents/Guardians should always feel free to contact teachers or the principal if they have any questions or concerns.