The North Colonie School District provides our school with a full time registered nurse. She attends to students who become ill or injured. When necessary, she will notify parents of concerns requiring medical attention and will assist and guide faculty members in protecting the health of children. The nurse also teaches good health habits and disseminates health information. Except in an emergency, if a student wishes to see the nurse, he/she must obtain permission from the homeroom teacher. Parents may make an appointment to see the nurse by calling 518-465-4539.


A directive from the Bureau of Health Services of the State Education Department points out that the dispensing of internal medication, such as an aspirin or antibiotics, to the students, is not only contrary to health policies, but is also contrary to the nursing regulations of the State Education Law.

Under certain unusual circumstances, when it is necessary for the child to take internal medication during school hours, the nurse or principal may cooperate with the family physician and the parents, if the parents submit a written request to the school and it is accompanied by a written request from the family physician in which he/she indicates the frequency, dosage, and the name of the prescribed medication. Then the nurse, and/or principal or person designated, may administer this medication during the school hours. The parent should deliver the medication to school. A verbal or telephone request from the parent or physician is not sufficient.