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First Grade through Fifth Grade

Encompassing grade one through grade five, the elementary-school years are crucial for forming good academic habits, gradually increasing the complexity and scope of projects, learning to work independently as well as cooperatively, and developing a strong base of beliefs, morals, and ethics, founded on the Gospel message.  


In these intermediate grades, it is essential to strike the optimum balance between instructor guidance and self-management. Classroom projects provide opportunities for working with others as well as managing one’s own tasks and daily routine. These years are also a prime time for identifying and exploring one’s own beliefs and values, as well as finding methods of self-expression. Other key skills include learning methods for researching and writing, assimilating and understanding factual and numerical data, resolving group conflicts and requesting help as appropriate.    

Reading and literature – a variety of classic and contemporary works, vocabulary, decoding techniques and comprehension strategies, and frequent listening opportunities.

Language arts – spelling, grammar, sentence construction and usage, writing, gathering and organizing information for reports.

Mathematics – advanced addition and subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, geometry, decimals, and word problems.

Science – life, physical, and earth sciences, with emphasis on weather, planetary movement, matter, force, energy, electricity, animal life; observation, classification, prediction, measurement, and inference.

Social Studies – world and communities, map skills, land forms, current events, geography, New York State history, and local
field trips.

Technology – learning to use technology and multimedia to work on group projects, work well collaboratively and communicate effectively, and improve problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Religion – growing in faith, holiness and trust and learning to be one in a faith with others; Beatitudes and the Ten Commandments.

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