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First Grade through Fifth Grade

Encompassing grade one through grade five, the elementary-school years are crucial for forming good academic habits, gradually increasing the complexity and scope of projects, learning to work independently as well as cooperatively, and developing a strong base of beliefs, morals, and ethics, founded on the Gospel message.  


Students build on the foundation begun in earlier years, learning to work independently as well as in groups. They also learn to organize their daily tasks and discover new rules and priorities. They learn the importance of discussing, interpreting, and applying their new knowledge. Reading and writing skills and building confidence with numbers and math skills are fostered. Students also begin to learn to better budget their time and complete longer-term projects.

Reading – phonological awareness and a decoding approach, focus on high-frequency words, leveled books for guided and independent reading, introduction to analytical reading, recalling details, story structure, making inferences and connections using both fiction and non-fiction text.

Writing – working through the writing process to create narrative, informative and opinion pieces.

Language arts – writing, listening and speaking skills, basic sentence writing incorporating vocabulary and high-frequency words, and penmanship.

Mathematics – reasoning skills to analyze data and construct arguments, problem solving, interpreting graphs, numbers to 1,000, currency, measurement, time, mastering addition and subtraction facts.

Science – life, physical and earth sciences are studied, including plants and animals, magnetism, sound, heat, light, motion, force, weather, solar systems and health.

Social Studies – knowledge about oneself, one’s family and community, beliefs, the responsibilities of citizenship, map skills, and current events.

Technology – integrated into all parts of the curriculum. Students attend regular classes in our computer labs and make use of
age-appropriate Internet content to reinforce their skills in all curriculum areas, including reading, writing, math and social studies.

Religion – God, Jesus and the Church, spreading God’s word and love every day, preparation for First Reconciliation and
First Holy Communion.

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