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First Grade through Fifth Grade

Encompassing grade one through grade five, the elementary-school years are crucial for forming good academic habits, gradually increasing the complexity and scope of projects, learning to work independently as well as cooperatively, and developing a strong base of beliefs, morals, and ethics, founded on the Gospel message.  


During this crucial last year of elementary school, students prepare for middle school with an increasing level of self-direction. Important skills include time management, project and task organization, and autonomy. To a greater degree, classroom work requires students to apply their knowledge and research to practical problem solving and decision making. Critical during this time are recognition by peers and instructors, approval of accomplishments and growing opportunities to show responsibility and demonstrate self-reliance. 

Reading and literature – variety of literature from anthologies and trade books, independent reading, materials focusing on New York State Learning Standards.

Language arts – grammar, writing skills, spelling, vocabulary, creative writing from pre-writing through editing and publication, and public speaking.

Mathematics – mathematical reasoning, numbers and numerations, operations, measurement, uncertainty, patterns, and modeling.

Science – life science, chemistry, physical science and earth science in hands-on experiments.

Social Studies – North America, American history, slavery and emancipation, immigration, industry, world war, civil rights, and the Western hemisphere.

Technologycontinued practice in using technology to improve research, communication, independent learning, critical thinking, problem solving, collaborative and social skills. 

Religion – Sacraments of the Catholic Church, a deeper understanding of the Ten Commandments and Beatitudes, the Jesse Tree,
the rosary and various service projects.

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