The threefold purpose of Catholic education includes: the message revealed by God, which the Church proclaims, fellowship in the life of the Holy Spirit; and service to the Christian community and the entire human community.

To achieve this goal the Catholic schools will:

The Message

• Provide the setting in which the word of God can be realized in the lives of those students entrusted to our care

• Strive to relate to all men the news of salvation so that illumined by the life of faith those students will gain knowledge of the world, of life and of humankind


• Provide an atmosphere of community for all
• Be models of Christian community providing for those spiritual activities which will add to the development of personal sanctity and for the building of community
• Provide a favorable pedagogical, psychological and social environment for learning the Catholic Faith
• Commit ourselves to providing value-centered institutions in which faith of all present will become living, conscious and active through the light of instruction

• Provide the programs necessary to allow students to acquire skills, virtues and habits of heart and mind required for effective service to others
• Provide the opportunity for our students to respond to the obligation of Christian service in their own community as well as the entire community of the people of God


The schools of the Diocese of Albany base not only their educational purposes, but all their activities, on the Christian teaching of the essential equality of all persons as rooted in the fatherhood of God, Christ's love, and one's supernatural destiny.

Thus, with discrimination so repugnant to their nature and mission, Catholic Schools in this diocese have not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of educational policies, admission policies and all school-administered programs.


The schools of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany,
guided by the mission of Jesus,
are places where students witness,
share and grow in the faith community.
While offering excellent academic programs,
the schools provide for the spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional
and physical development of each individual
within the framework of Catholic Christian values
to witness God's unconditional love
and bring Christ's healing presence to our world.


I care about each and every person in this school.
I promise to do my best to provide the most positive and caring school environment possible so that our teachers can teach, and our students can fulfill their potential for academic, spiritual and personal growth.


We, the St. Pius X Parish School Community, through a love of God, self and others, commit ourselves to our role as Christian leaders.

It is our common goal, through the celebration of God's gifts, to aid in the development of a faith-filled community that lives out its faith in word and deed.

We are further committed to serving this community through worship and spiritual development andby providing support and guidance for all.

We strive to create a community of Christian service based on mutual respect.

We make an unwavering commitment to provide viable, quality Catholic education and formation to all who seek it.

We are dedicated to instilling Christian attitudes and values while providing academic excellence through challenging educational programs
in a caring and disciplined environment.

Furthermore, we are committed to recognizing individual uniqueness, encouraging intellectual, physical and social growth while inspiring lifelong learning, which is essential in a technological and changing society.

We continue this mission as one and in God's name, with love and respect for each other and for all.


Part of growing up includes an increasing awareness that we have to be responsible for our own actions and show consideration to others. In return we should receive courteous and reasonable consideration from others. School can be a great place to be if all of us work together to make it that way.

All of us -- students, teachers, staff members -- must treat each other with courtesy and respect. Orderliness and self-control are two elements of a good classroom and school atmosphere. We want everyone to be able to work and learn together without unnecessary distractions and disruptions. Students who choose not to show courtesy and respect for others will be held accountable for their actions. Conduct whether at school or outside of school that is determined to the school IS school business. This includes activity on social networking sites.

Remember also, that school is not the place to bring items that might be distracting or dangerous to others. This school reserves the right to search anything brought onto school property including, but not limited to backpacks, cell phones, laptop computers, and cars, if there is reasonable cause. Weapons of any kind, including toy weapons, are prohibited in school or on school property. All materials deemed hazardous by the teachers and administration are strictly forbidden. The penalty for bringing such items to school is possible suspension or expulsion from the school. Electronic or battery operated items such as cell phones, walkmans, game boys, laser pointers, etc. are not allowed in school.

Fighting is absolutely forbidden at any time on or near school property. Students who provoke or cause fights with verbal or other abuse will be disciplined in the same manner as the student who is physically abusive. Generally, students who fight will face immediate suspension from their classes until parents can be notified and disciplinary action can be taken.

Pushing and pulling on others around you, whether in the hallway or outside at recess, can lead to injury. Running in the hallway can also lead to injury. Students who choose to behave in ways that put themselves or others at risk of injury will be held accountable for their actions.
All of us are unique. How dull it would be if we were all alike! That is one of our many school strengths at St. Pius X — we celebrate our differences. Mean and thoughtless name-calling or insults will not be tolerated. Our differences are a source of strength and pride.


The students in our school deserve to learn and play in the best environment we can provide. Accordingly, all staff and students will make every effort to observe the following.

Students in our school have the right to...
• Learn in a disruption-free environment.
• Know what is expected of them at all times in every area of the school.
• Be protected from verbal abuse.
• Have their positive behavior recognized.
• Have their personal property protected.
• Have their concerns heard.
• Be treated with kindness, caring, and respect.