Athletics and Schools Activities

Students in grades Pre-K-8 will participate in monthly liturgy via a live stream, until daily Masses resume at the Parish level.

At this time plans for providing Faith Formation have not been finalized.

At this time all clubs, and extracurricular activities will be suspended until at least January 1, 2021.   

Interscholastic sports, including CYO, are not permitted at the time of publication of this guidance, and additional information on athletic activities is forthcoming.

Consideration will be made to bring back clubs and extracurricular activities that can be conducted in a safe environment with appropriate social distancing protocols.

A written plan is in place for before and aftercare programs run by the school. 

Policies regarding before and aftercare programs include social distancing, PPE usage, cleaning and disinfection requirements, as well as risk of COVID-19 transmission. Protocols in how to maintain cohorts, if applicable, or group members of the same household will be considered.

There will be no before care provided during the school year.  After School care will be provided and appropriate PPE, social distancing guidelines, and cleaning and disinfecting procedures will be followed.

Per the NYDOH Guidance, interscholastic sports are not permitted at the time of publication of this guidance. Additional information is forthcoming.

The New York State Public High School Athletic Association (NYPSPHSAA) has established a COVID-19 Task Force comprised of religious and independent school Athletic Directors and public school district administrators responsible for providing guidance to allow New York high school student-athletes to return to athletics as soon and as safely as possible. The task force is reviewing State and local health guidelines, as well as NYSED guidance, regarding the 2020-2021 school year to determine, among other things, the extent to which changes may be needed for each interscholastic sports season.  The COVID-19 Task Force will continue to review all aspects of the fall 2020 season and the 2020-2021 school year related to the COVID-19 crisis, such as: practice requirement; fan attendance; resocialization efforts; protocol, procedures; transportation; etc. As more information becomes available it will be shared on the NYSPHSAA website.