St. Pius X School is blessed to have an extraordinary and dedicated faculty and staff. They generously share their time and talents on a daily basis to implement our desire to provide our students with a high quality Catholic education. We are very grateful for their tireless efforts, underscored by their caring and compassion. 

The St. Pius X Parish community continues to provide unwavering support for our ministry of Catholic education. We are most grateful for their steadfast support in numerous ways, which cannot be measured by its financial contribution alone. 

We are very grateful to you, the parents and guardians who support St. Pius X School through your time, talent and resources, especially in these challenging economic times. Your commitment enriches our Christian Community and supports the spiritual and academic growth of your children. We look forward to a new academic year filled with continued blessings from God, through His divine son Jesus, in whose name we undertake the ministry
of Catholic education. 

2023-2024 school year tuition  

First or only child $7,025.00/year  
Two children  $12,585.00/year  
Three or more children $16,820.00/year  





Part-time 2023-2024 Pre-Kindergarten tuition per child

Three-year old, Four year old
two mornings a week 
Three-year old, Four year old
three mornings a week 

Three-year old,Four-year-old,
four mornings a week 



Three-year old, Four year old 
five mornings a week







Full Day 2023-2024 Pre-Kindergarten tuition per child

Three-year old,  Four year old
two full days

Three-year old, Four year old
three full days

Three-year old, Four year old
four full days

Four-year old full days

Three-year old full days













Registration packets must include a non-refundable registration fee of $100 for each returning student.  Registration packets will be returned unless the registration fee is included and all necessary information is provided. Your child's placement in a class for the subsequent school year cannot be guaranteed unless the registration process is complete. Application fees for new families are $250 for one student, $450  for two students and $600 for three or more students. 

Tuition Payment

All tuition payments are due according to you tuition agreemnt, and are payable in monthly payments throught the FACTS Tuition plan beginning August 2023 and concluding May 2024. Tuition may be paid in full at any time, however, an account must still be created. 

Past Due Balances

Past due balances, which are balances more than two months past due and  are not addressed immediately may result in the following:

  1. Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten through eighth grade educational services will be subject to suspension. Children will not be readmitted to classes until arrangements have been made with respect to past due tuition payments.

  2. Registration packets for the following year will not be accepted and will be returned until past due tuition payments are resolved or alternative arrangements have been made.

  3. Failure to resolve any past due tuition payments by the end of the school year will prevent the return of students for the following year.

  4. Graduating students whose parents/guardians have past due tuition payments will not be permitted to participate in graduation activities unless past due tuition payments are addressed beforehand.

2023-2024 After-School Fee Policy

The fees for the St. Pius X School After-School program are as follows:

Kindergarten -Eighth Grade

Single Day $20.00
One Month (one child) $225.00
One Month (two children) $400.00
One Month (three children) $625.00

*Pre-School (three/four/five year old)

Single Day $25.00
One Month (one child) $250.00
One Month (two children) $450.00
One Month (three children) $700.00

All after-school fees are due by the 10th of each month, beginning September 10, 2023 and concluding June 10, 2024. After-school services will not be available if past due balances are not paid by the 1st of the following month.