Latter half of the 19th Century
Albanians built spacious homes in the area we now know as Loudonville and employed as domestic staff young immigrants, many of whom came from Catholic Ireland. Realizing the importance of accessibility to Mass for their workers, a group of Loudonville residents established a mission chapel under the auspices of St .Francis DeSales Church.

June 15, 1916
The Church of St. Pius V in Loudonville was established. In July of that year, the mission chapel cornerstone was laid on Loudon Road.

May 29, 1954
On the date of the canonization of St. Pius X, the cornerstone of the church/auditorium was laid: shortly thereafter, the parish, originally named St. Pius V, was dedicated to St. Pius X. That autumn, services were held in the new building in what is now used as the school gymnasium. The school opened that fall with classes for kindergarten through grade 4; a grade was added each succeeding year.

September 25, 1969
Bishop Edwin B. Broderick dedicated the new St. Pius X Church.

Msgr. Gerald Kirwin resigned as pastor in because of ill health and was succeeded by the Rt. Rev. Msgr. Joseph P. Conway, V.G. Msgr. Conway was succeeded in 1978 by the Rev. Thomas C. Brown, who was succeeded in turn by the Very Rev. Michael A. Farano, V.G. 
in 1990.

April 23, 1994
Bishop Howard J. Hubbard dedicated the new Parish Center. The center added 20,000 square feet of meeting, office, worship and classroom space. Since that time, a new library, two technology labs and even more classroom space have been added as the school continues to flourish — St. Pius X now accommodates over 500 students.