Our Early Learners, Elementary, and Middle Schools are three segments of our entire primary-school continuum. Each school is geared to the specific characteristics and needs of its students. Classroom instruction, student projects, and extracurricular activities are all designed to spark students’ curiosity, feed their interests, and develop their passions. We welcome parents as integral partners in shaping their children’s school experience.

At the Catholic Schools of St. Pius X, your child receives a fully rounded experience that educates, nurtures, and develops the whole child. A top-quality academic curriculum is given in a framework rooted in the Catholic/Christian values of faith, compassion, and love. Your child enters a supportive community where students show compassion to one another, and teachers and administrators greet each child by name. 

We are proud of our 60 years of academic excellence, and of the impressive young men and women who constitute our alumni. Each day of the St. Pius X experience is geared to helping each child become a centered learner whose values, rooted in the Gospel message, inform their decisions and actions.


Our St. Pius X students love to learn and are:

Academically outstanding
St. Pius X students are typically among the top performers on standardized tests in the region, thanks to their supportive teachers and focused, relevant classroom learning.

Technologically proficient
Our emphasis on literacy and proficiency with electronic media and tools, supported by our advanced computer infrastructure, prepares students for our interconnected world. 

From thoughtful science-fair entries, to multidisciplinary projects that integrate language, art, history, and culture, the students of St. Pius X find creative outlets to express themselves.

Each St. Pius X student, valued and appreciated as an individual from day one, feels secure in pursuing personal interests and celebrating his or her uniqueness.

Through experiencing an environment of caring, mutual respect, and service, the St. Pius X student never hesitates to support and defend the rights of others and help those in need. 

At St. Pius X, faith, talents, skills, and learning are all part of the educational mix. Each child is encouraged to develop intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, socially, and physically.

The St. Pius X student is ready to make a difference in the world. Acting from strong moral conviction, he or she is ready to espouse cherished causes, tackle new challenges, and meet the demands of our rapidly changing world. He or she is an intellectually, spiritually, emotionally mature leader who treats others with respect, justice, and compassion.