General information

The medication is a non long-term muscle relaxant which is generally used to treat muscle pain caused by injury or surgery. It blocks painful sensations which occur between nervous system and the brain. Medication is used alongside relaxation and physiotherapy in order to reduce acute pain through sedative impact in the brain and spinal cord. It shouldn’t be used for a long time period. It is recommended to buy Ativan online.

Serious side effects can occur if you don’t follow the prescription.

Be careful as this drug and the dose and the usage should be prescribed strictly by the doctor. As with any drug there can appear drug addiction and you should follow the doctor’s instruction concerning this medication. This time let the professional decide what is better for your health. Otherwise you will meet the consequences which can be destructive for you and your organism.

What is important to know if your miss the dose or overdose.

First of all you should remember that only the doctor knows the right dose because he or she makes the medical examination of your body before prescribing. Just take the dosage as it is prescribed and next time try not to forget about the treatment. In case you overdose medication it’s better to call your doctor and to tell him how many tablets you have taken and the time it has occurred. It will be enough for him to decide what to do and are you really in danger and in need to call the ambulance.

It’s obligatory to tell your doctor about all medication you take.

You should notify the doctor if you take some other drug. It’s very significant as combining some drugs can be useless for one of them or can even make harm to the patient. To prevent this trouble we recommend you to make a list of medications you are taking at the moment and also to write down their dosage and the period of usage. It will be easy for your doctor to make the plan of treatment.

Keep far from other people and especially children.

You know that sometimes even one tablet can turn out to be harmful for a child. You shouldn’t leave drugs in the reach for other people who can use this medication and make harm to themselves. Try to keep medications in places where children can’t take the drug. No need to say that all responsibility will be on the person who can’t observe the rules on keeping medications safely.